About us

The Travel Revolution is an initiative of the WHL Group. It’s a private loyalty club with member discounts set by the independent operators (accommodations, tours and activity providers, and airport transfer services) and with the bookings processed by them.

The WHL Group has spent the past 14 years working on innovative ways to assist independent operators market their products and provide low cost tools (web/mobile sites, booking and distribution systems) to help them manage their business. What’s become very clear over that time is that the only way independent operators can truly leverage the full power of the internet to level the playing field (when compared with OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia etc. and large hotel chains like Accor, Hilton, Starwood etc.) is to band together and work as a large virtual network, and at the same time leverage new “peer to peer” approaches to engaging with travellers.

Welcome to a new way to book travel.

Contact Us

For general inquiries: info@thetravelrevolution.com
Interested in adding your accommodation: partners@thetravelrevolution.com